2017 League Rules

The rules listed below are our general league rules and there may be minor changes based on the specific league you have joined. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

  • ​When checking in to play you must pay your $25.00 round fee ($30 on Fri-Sunday) in advance or start a tab. You also must have your $50.00 registration fee paid by the time you play your first round.

  • You will be allowed 60 minutes for your round which will include any warm up time you may want/need.
  • You may play the ball anywhere off the mat for any lie.

  • All men will play from Amateur Tees (white) and the women will play from the Ladies tees (red). The 10 foot gimmie will be standard. Everything else will be set to default settings unless noted in the weekly schedule.

  • You must print the scorecard after your round in order for it to count. If you fail to print your scorecard that round will not count and you will need to replay the round.
  • If the computer shuts down or “freezes” let us know immediately.  We can restart your round where you left off in most cases.

  • There are no mulligans, however the mulligan feature won’t be turned off in case of an accident. This league is played on the honor system. We expect everyone to play fairly if it is discovered that you are not playing within the parameters you will be removed from the league and not allowed to participate in any other future leagues. If you have a question that can’t be answered by the staff please email me at steve@clubhouse-golf.com. 

  • DO NOT HIT PICK UP DURING YOUR LEAGUE ROUND.  If a “Pick Up” is used during the course of the round the hole will be scored as a triple par. If you find yourself in a bad situation ask one of the staff for help before hitting "pick up".

  • All communication for the league will be in email form. We will also post the scores on the board behind the bar. We will not post or email until after the handicaps are established.

  • The handicaps will be based over the first 3 or 4 week period depending on the number of weeks in the season's league. Once the handicap is established it will be used for the rest of the league and recalculated every two weeks.

  • Points will be awarded based on number of completed rounds each week.  For example, if 20 people play in week 1, the lowest score will receive 20 points, 2nd lowest will receive 19, and so on.  Once the handicap is established the points will be calculated based on net scores.

  • For final standings we will tally all of the scores from the weekly rounds . The players with the most points wins.
Prizes will be determined later once the field is set.  We are actively looking for sponsors as well and will take any sponsor rewards and add them to the prize pool as they become available.
Each member will play one round per week. Tuesday night at 6pm will be the dedicated League night and all are encouraged to play their league round at that time. However league rounds may be played at any time but must be completed by the following Saturday at close of business. 
Players can play as far as 3 rounds ahead. Example: Gregory needs to go out of town and will not be able to play for 3 weeks. He could play those rounds before he leaves to stay current. He could not miss those rounds and make them up after those rounds are closed.
Important things to be aware of about Mulligans:
  • Please be aware that movement near the tracks while the simulator is prepared to register a shot can cause a false shot. Mulligans are not allowed during league play. In the event that you accidentally register a shot you must contact one of the staff immediately.

  • In order to uphold the fairness of the league, this will be left to the discretion of league administrators.

  • To prevent this from happening, please be prompt in retrieving your ball or pick the ball up with your hand when going to retrieve it instead of dragging the ball back across the tracks with a club. 

  • If a player makes a stroke and it does not register it will not be counted and may be played again without penalty.If a player plays out of turn a mulligan will be given for that stroke.
This should cover everything. If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to ask.
Thank you
The Clubhouse