About Clubhouse Golf

Washington State is an amazingly beautiful state to live in and we love our outdoor activities... including golf.  However we often don't have the best weather for the sport and swinging a metal club in the rain is just asking for a lightning strike to the face.

The Clubhouse Golf Center, an indoor golf facility with amazing food and signature drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic alike) will solve this dilemma for the Washington golfer.
With state of the art golf simulators providing an ultra realistic golf experience, and an amazing atmosphere our goal is to bring golf to the masses all year round!
The Clubhouse Golf Center has six state of the art golf simulators that will let you play when and how you want to. Every bay also has a virtual driving or chip & putt range so you can warm up before your round. With more than 50 breathtaking golf courses and a multitude of games at your fingertips you will always have something new to try, either by yourself or with a group of friends.